Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall

Eastern Orthodox Christian theologian, historian, philosopher, and cultural commentator.


Orthodox Saints of the Pre-Schism See of Rome

BODAGISIL, a Frankish noble and courtier whose sanctity of life was greatly praised by SS. Gregory of Tours (17th November), Venantius Fortunatus (14th December), and others of their era. Upon retirement St. Bodagisil founded a monastery on the banks of the Meuse River in present-day Belgium, and served as the monastery’s first Abbot until his repose in 588.

DESIDERATUS, the son of St. Waningus (9th January) founder of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity of Fécamp, Normandy. St. Desideratus received monastic tonsure at Fontenelle Abbey in Normandy. He reposed circa 700.

FLANNAN, (Seventh Century), the first Bishop of the Diocese of Killaloe in mid-western Ireland. St. Flannan was a wonderworker, and is remembered as an indefatigable missionary. In addition to his missionary work, and caring for his diocese, St. Flannan managed to recite the entire Psalter each day.

GATIAN (GATIANUS), a companion of St. Dionysius of Paris (9th October) on his mission to the Gauls. St. Gatian served as the first Bishop of Tours, and is believed to have reposed circa 301 or 337.

MOSES (MOYSETES), martyred in North Africa circa 250, it is thought during the Decian Persecution (250–251). No further information on his life is extant.

QUINTUS, SIMPLICIUS, and COMPANIONS, a group of martyrs in Africa Proconsularis circa 255 of whom nothing further is known.

RUFUS and ZOSIMUS, companions of St. Ignatius of Antioch (17th October) during his transport as a prisoner to Rome, where they were all martyred circa 107.

SAMTHAN, (Sixth Century), foundress and first Abbess of Clonbroney Abbey in Co. Longford, Ireland. St. Samthan is one of only four female Irish saints for whom extant Latin Lives exist (SS. Brigit (1st February), Ita (15th January), Monenna (6th July) being the others). The Félire Óengusso (Martyrology of Ængus) devotes its entire entry for this day to her, and both it, and her Life attribute many miracles to her. St. Samthann reposed in 739.

VICTURUS, VICTOR, VICTORINUS, ADJUTOR, QUARTUS, and COMPANIONS, (Date Unknown), a group of thirty-five martyrs in Roman Africa of whom no further information is extant.

WINEBALD, the brother of SS. Willibald (7th July), and Walburgh (25th February). Whilst on pilgrimage to the Holy Land with his brother, St. Winebald was taken ill and had to stop in Rome. He ended up spending seven years in Rome recovering and studying before returning to England. St. Winebald then joined St. Boniface (5th June) in Germany, where he evangelised Thuringia, Bavaria, and Mainz. Finally, he founded the double monastery of Heidenheim serving as its first Abbot, and his sister St. Walburgh as Abbess. St. Winebald reposed in 761.

Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox, and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said “The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies”.

Details of British Saints excerpted from Orthodox Saints of the British Isles.
Details of continental saints from these sources.

In many cases there are several spelling versions of the names of saints from the British Isles. I use the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography version as the primary version with the more prevalent version in parenthesis e.g. Ceadda (Chad) of Lichfield.