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Writings on Orthodox Christian theology and related miscellanea.

Writings on Orthodox Christian theology and related miscellanea.

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Western Saints of the Orthodox Church — 25th February


25th February

ALDETRUDIS (ADELTRUDIS), the daughter of SS. Vincent Madelgarus (20th September) and Waldetrudis (9th April). St. Aldetrudis joined her Aunt St. Aldegund of Maubeuge (30th January) at Maubeuge Abbey. There she was given the obedience of caring for her Aunt, and follow St. Aldegund’s repose in 684, St. Aldetrudis as Abbess. St. Aldetrudis served as the second Abbess until her repose in 696.

DONATUS, JUSTUS, HERENA, and COMPANIONS, (Third Century), members of a group martyred in North Africa during the Decian Persecution.

ETHELBERT (ALBERT) of KENT, the first English Christian king, St. Ethelbert was married to Bertha of France. He welcomed the mission led by St. Augustine (27th May) in 597, and is believed to have been baptised by him that same year. He founded Canterbury and Rochester Cathedrals, as well as St. Paul’s, London. St. Ethelbert reposed 616, and was buried in the abbey, which he had also built, at Canterbury.

FELIX III (II), forty-eighth Pope of Rome from 483 until his repose in 492. Most sources, including the Annuario Pontificio, list him as Felix III, though there is no Felix II list. Felix II was an Antipope installed following the banishment of Pope St. Liberius by the Roman Emperor.

St. Felix was Great-grandfather of Pope St. Gregory the Dialogist (3rd September), set the stage for the reconciling of the Church and those who had embraced the heresy of Eutychianism. He also drafted conditions for the readmittance to the Church for those North Africans who had apostatized during the Vandal persecutions.

Icon of St. Walburgh (Walburga)

Icon of St. Walburgh (Walburga)

VICTOR, a monk at St. Gall, who spent his later years as a hermit in the Vosges Mountains in Lorraine where he reposed in 995.

WALBURGH (WALBURGA), daughter of King St. Richard (7th February) and sister of SS. Willibald (7th July) and Winebald (18th December). St. Walburgh received monastic tonsure at Wimborne Abbey in Dorset in England where she was a disciple of St. Tetta (28th September). She later joined the mission of SS. Lioba (28th September) and Boniface (5th June) to evangelise the tribes of present-day Germany. St. Walburgh later served as Abbess of the double monastery of Heidenheim am Hahnenkamm in Bavaria until her repose in 779.

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Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox, and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said “The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies”.

Details of British Saints excerpted from Orthodox Saints of the British Isles.
Details of continental saints from these sources.

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