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Western Saints of the Orthodox Church — 8th April


8th April

AMANTIUS, the third Bishop of Como, St Amantius was the successor of St. Provinus (8th March). He is credited with the construction of the cathedral in Como, which later bore his name. St. Amantius reposed in 440.

CONCESSA, (Date Unknown), a martyr venerated from time immemorial at Carthage. Nothing further is known of St. Concessa.

JANUARIUS, MAXIMA, and MACARIA, (Date Unknown), listed in ancient martyrologies as having been martyred in North Africa. No further information on their lives is extant.

PERPETUUS, the Bishop of Tours from circa 460 until his repose circa 490. St. Perpetuus is remembered for his dedicated care for the poor, to the point of exhausting his own income, and for rebuilding numerous churches in his Diocese.

REDEMPTUS, a Bishop of Ferentini in present-day Italy who reposed in 586.

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