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Western Saints of the Orthodox Church — 26th April


26th April

CLARENTIUS, a seventh century Bishop of Vienna. No further information is extant.

EXUERANTIA, nothing is known about this nun who is venerated in Troyer, and is believed to have reposed circa 380.

LUCIDIUS, a fourth century Bishop of Verona. Nothing else is known of his life.

MARCELLINUS, (on Eastern calendars 7th June) the twenty-ninth Pope of Rome. He was elected at the beginning of the Diocletianic Persecution, and was himself martyred 304

PETER of BRAGA, (Date Unknown), believed to have been the first Bishop of Braga, and a martyr.

RICHARIUS (RIQUIER), a young pagan man who hid Irish missionaries from Cadoc and Frichor from local pagans. Whilst in hiding the missionaries converted St. Richarius, who became a priest. He travelled on donkey throughout France evangelising, and worked in England for a several years. When he returned to France he founded, and served as first Abbot of a monastery at Centula (present-day Saint-Riquier) near Amiens. St. Richarius was known for his charity and his work ransoming captive. In his final years, he retired to live as a hermit. St. Richarius reposed circa 645.

TRUDPERT, following a pilgrimage to Rome, St. Trudpert, who may have been originally from Ireland, settled as a hermit in Münstethal in the southern Black Forest. He was killed by day labourers, in the pay of a local nobleman, circa 644.

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