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Western Saints of the Orthodox Church — 15th March


15th March

Icon of St. Aristobulus

Icon of St. Aristobulus

ARISTOBULUS, (commemorated on Eastern Calendars 4th January, as one of the Seventy; 16th March; and 31st October, as one of the Holy Disciples from the Seventy), (First Century), the Holy Apostle Aristobulus of the Seventy, Bishop of Britain is traditionally numbered as one of the Seventy, and is the Aristobulus mentioned by St. Paul (29th June) in his epistle to the Romans (16:10). According to tradition, St. Aristobulus was consecrated bishop by St. Paul and sent to Britain where he worked to enlighten the pagan population and ultimately met his martyrdom.

LEOCRITIA (LUCRETIA), raised as a Muslim, St. Leocritia converted to Christianity. Driven her out of their home by her family, St. Leocritia was sheltered by St. Eulogius (11th March). Both were arrested, flogged, and then beheaded in 859.

MANCIUS, (Fifth Century), a native of Rome who was bought as a slave by Jewish traders who then took him to Evora in Portugal. There his masters’ animosity towards Christianity drove them to martyr St. Mancius.

PROBUS, a Bishop of Rieti in Latium. St. Gregory the Dialogist (3rd September) testifies to St. Probus’ sanctity in the fourth book of his Dialogues. St. Probus reposed circa 571.

SPECIOSUS, a wealthy landowner from Campania who renounced the world and joined the Abbey of Monte Cassino with his brother Gregory. There both brothers received monastic tonsure from St. Benedict (11th July). St. Specious was later sent to the new foundation at Terracina. St. Specious reposed in Capua circa 555 whilst undertaking abbey business there.

ZACHARIAS, 91st Pope of Rome from 741 until his repose in 752. He was born in San Severino in Calabria of a Greek family. St. Zacharias was very zealous in the restoration of the churches of Rome to which he made costly gifts. He also restored the Lateran palace, and translated to the Church of St. George in Velabro the head of the martyr St. George which was found during the repairs of the decayed Lateran Palace, and made a translation of the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Dialogist (3rd September) into Greek, which was largely circulated in the East.

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