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Eastern Orthodox Christian theologian, historian, philosopher, and cultural commentator.


Orthodox Saints of the Pre-Schism See of Rome

ACONTO, HERCULANUS, NONNO, and TAURINO, Martyrs of Porto Romano, four Christians martyred in Porto near Rome during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (r.161–180). No further information on their lives and martyrdom is extant.

BERTIN (the GREAT), a monk at the Abbey of SS. Peter and Paul of Luxeuil (abbaye Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul de Luxeuil) in Burgundy (east-central France). St. Bertin served as an assistant to St. Omer (9th September), Bishop of Thérouanne (northern France), and then as second Abbot of the Abbey of St. Peter / abbaye Saint-Pierre (later the Abbey of St. Berin / l'abbaye Saint-Bertin de Saint-Omer) in Sithiu (present-day Saint-Omer, France). Under St. Bertin the Abbey became one of the leading monastic centres in the north of Europe. St. Bertin reposed circa 709.

GENEBALD of LAON, a relative of St. Remigius of Reims (1st October), possibly through marriage, who appointed St. Genebald the first Bishop of Laon (northern France). Tenth-century chronicler, historian, and Canon of Reims, Flodoard (†966) relates in Flodoardi Historiae Remensis Ecclesiae, that St. Genebald spent seven years living in a small cell, eating nothing but bread and water, as penance for engaging in marital relations with his wife after his episcopal consecration. St. Genebald reposed circa 555.

OBDULIA, (Date Unknown), a nun whose relics are enshrined at Toledo in Spain, where she enjoys a cultus. There are no further details of her life extant, and it has been conjectured that St. Obdulia is actually St. Odilia of Alsace (13th December) and her relics translated to Spain not long after her repose.

QUINTIUS, ARCONTIUS, and DONATUS, Martyrs of Capua, (Date Unknown), martyrs who are venerated in Capua and other places in the south of Italy. However, no details of their lives are extant.

VICTORINUS of COMO, the seventeenth Bishop of Como (northern Italy), St. Victorinus was known for his fervent opposition to Arianism. St. Victorinus reposed in 644.

Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox, and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said “The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies”.

Details of British Saints excerpted from Orthodox Saints of the British Isles.
Details of continental saints from these sources.

In many cases there are several spelling versions of the names of saints from the British Isles. I use the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography version as the primary version with the more prevalent version in parenthesis e.g. Ceadda (Chad) of Lichfield.