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Eastern Orthodox Christian theologian, historian, philosopher, and cultural commentator.


Orthodox Saints of the Pre-Schism See of Rome

ADALARD of CORBIE, grandson of Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia Charles Martel (†741) and first cousin of Charlemagne, King of the Franks (r. 768–814), St. Adalard grew up in the royal court, but abandoned it all to receive monastic tonsure at the Royal Abbey of St. Peter of Corbie in Picardy. He was exiled by Charlemagne’s successor, but was recalled after a while. St. Adalard later helped found Corvey Abbey in Saxony. St. Adalard reposed in 827.

ASPASIUS of AUCH, a Bishop of Auch, who took part in the Councils of Orléans (533, 541, and 549), as well as holding a Council in Auch in 551. He reposed circa 560.

BLIDULF (BLADULF) of BOBBIO, a disciple of St. Columbanus (23rd November) and monk at Bobbio Abbey in Emilia-Romagna, who was killed on orders of the Arian Lombard king Arioald, for denouncing the Arian heresy.

MAINCHÍN mac SETNAI (MUNCHIN) of LIMERICK, (Seventh Century ?), believed to have been the first Bishop of Limerick, Ireland, though this is debated. He is also the patron saint of Limerick, along with St. Ita of Killeedy (15th January).

MARTYRS of ROME, a large group of Christians who martyred in Rome, circa 303, during the Diocletianic Persecution for refusing to give up the copies of the Holy Scriptures.

MARTYRS of SIRMIUM, (Third or Fourth Century), a group of Christians martyred at Sirmium, Pannonia (present-day Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia). The only extant specifics of the group and its martyrdom is limited to the names of seven of them: Artaxus, Acutus, Eugenda, Maximianus, Timothy, Tobias, and Vitus.

VINCENTIAN (VIANCE, VIANTS) of TULLE, a disciple of St. Meneleus of Menat (22nd July), who became a hermit near Tulle in Auvergne, reposing circa 730.

Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox, and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said “The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies”.

Details of British Saints excerpted from Orthodox Saints of the British Isles.
Details of continental saints from these sources.

In many cases there are several spelling versions of the names of saints from the British Isles. I use the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography version as the primary version with the more prevalent version in parenthesis e.g. Ceadda (Chad) of Lichfield.