Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall

Writings on Orthodox Christian theology and related miscellanea.

Writings on Orthodox Christian theology and related miscellanea.

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This is the first, and only, compendium to be written of the Lives of Orthodox Saints of the British Isles. Covering October through December, this fourth and final volume provides an enlightening guide to a further 161 of these inspiring and historic Orthodox men and women.

Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - Volume IV

by Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall [St. Eadfrith Press]
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Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall is an Eastern Orthodox Christian theologian, philosopher, historian, and cultural commentator. Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall Head Shot Author of the acclaimed Orthodox Saints of the British Isles series, Dr. Hutchison-Hall has also compiled several service books. He served as a Field Education Supervisor for seminarians and as both a disaster response and hospital chaplain. Dr. Hutchison-Hall has lectured widely and written on pastoral care in disaster response. In addition to providing pastoral counselling, Dr. Hutchison-Hall runs support groups for people with mental illness.



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