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Orthodox Saints of the Pre-Schism See of Rome 18th January (NS) — 5th January (OS) 2020

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5th January O.S.

CERA (CIAR, CYRA, CIOR, CEARA) of KILKEARY, a native of Tipperary who founded and was abbess of two convents, one at Kilkeary and the other at Tech Telle (Tehelly). There is no further reliable information on this saint extant, and she is sometimes confused with St. Kiara (Chier) (vide infra)

CONVOYON (CONWOÏON) of REDON, an archdeacon of Vannes who became a hermit, and in 831 founded and was first Abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Sauveur, Redon on the border between Neustria and Brittany. St. Convoyon was driven from Saint-Sauveur by invading Vikings and he spent the rest of his life in exile, reposing in 868.

EMILIANA of ROME, (Sixth Century), the youngest of St. Gregory the Dialogist’s (3rd September) three paternal aunts. St. Emiliana and her eldest sister St. Tarsila (24th December), lived as monastics in their parents’ home. St. Gregory wrote of their lives.

GAUDENTIUS of GNESEN, a Bohemian noble and younger brother of Saint Adalbert of Prague (23rd April). He received monastic tonsure at the Abbey of Saint Alessio, Aventine, in Rome, and later joined his brother on his mission to Prussia. Having escaped the massacre in which St. Adalbert was martyred, St. Gaudentius was consecrated the first Archbishop of Gniezno (Gnesen) (in present-day Poland) when the See was established in 1000. St. Gaudentius reposed circa 1004.

KIARA (CHIER) of KILCHREA, a spiritual daughter of St. Fintan Munnu (21st October), she lived in North Tipperary at a place now named Kilkeary in her honour. St. Kiara reposed circa 680; there is no further information extant.

TELESPHORUS (POPE of ROME), a Greek, likely from Calabria, who served as the eighth Pope of Rome. There are varying dates of his reign some sources claim his elevation was as early as 125 others as late as 146, with his martyrdom taking place anytime from 136 to 154. According to the Annuario Pontificio his Pontificate commenced in 127 or 128, and he was martyred 137 or 138. There are many legends regarding St. Telesphorus, though, aside from being martyred, none can be substantiated.

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18th January N.S.

ARCHELAIS, THECLA, and SUSANNA, three young girls who fled to Nola in the Campagna in order to escape persecution. Alas, they were arrested in Nola for being Christians, tortured, and taken to Salerno where they were beheaded in 293.

DEICOLA (DEICOLUS, DESLE, DICHUL, DEEL, DELLE, DEILLE), an elder brother of St. Gall (16th October). St. Deicola was a monk at Bangor Abbey in Ireland who followed St. Columbanus (23rd November) to Burgundy, where he helped found the monastery of Luxeuil. When St. Columbanus was exiled from Luxeuil in 610, St. Deicola was too advanced in years to accompany him and so founded a new monastery at Lure in Burgundy, where he lived as a hermit until his repose circa 625.

FAUSTINA and LIBERATA, two sisters who founded the monastery of Santa Margarita at Como in Lombardy. Both reposed in 582, and their relics are enshrined at the cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta in Como.

LEOBARD (LIBERD), a disciple of St. Gregory of Tours (17th November), who lived for over twenty years as a hermit near the Abbey of Marmoutier, just outside of Tours. St. Leobard reposed 593.

PRISCA, generally said to have been a young maiden from an aristocratic Roman Christian family who flourished in either the third or perhaps the first century according to tradition St. Prisca was martyred by beheading for refusing to renounce Christianity. Whilst her cultus has existed for time immemorial, the extant Acts are not historically accurate and the details are for the most part fiction.

ULFRID (WOLFRED, WILFRID), an Englishman who was a missionary in the area that is present-day Germany and Sweden. St. Ulfrid was martyred in 1028 by Norse pagans for destroying either a tree dedicated to, or a statue of, Thor.

VOLUSIAN, an Imperial Roman senator who was selected to be the seventh Bishop of Tours in 491. He was driven from his See shortly after his consecration by Arian Visigoths, and reposed in exile in Toulouse 496.

Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox, and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said “The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies”.