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Pre-Schism Orthodox Western Saints
10th April (NS) — 28th March (OS)

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28th March O.S.

GUNDELINDIS (GUENDELINDIS), a daughter of the Duke of Alsace, France, and sister of SS. Attala (3rd December) and Eugenia (16th September). St. Gundelindis was raised by her aunt St. Odilia (13th December), whom she succeeded as Abbess of Niedermünster. She reposed circa 750.

GUNTHRAMMUS, a King of Orléans (r. 561–592), and son of King Chlothar I (r. 511–558) and Queen St. Clotilde (3rd June). King St. Gunthrammus was raised as a non-Christian. He divorced his wife, and had the court physician murdered for failing to cure his ex-wife. Later King St. Gunthrammus became a Christian, and his conscience was so full of guilt for his earlier life that he dedicated the rest of his life and fortune to the Church and helping those in need particularly in time of famine and plague. King St. Gunthrammus reposed in 592, and was acclaimed a saint by his subjects shortly thereafter.

ROGATUS, SUCCESSUS, and COMPANIONS, (Date Unknown), a group of eighteen martyrs in one of the early persecutions in North Africa. Beyond their listing in various martyrologies, no record of their lives is extant.

A piece of the ivory cover of the Evangelium longum, engraved around 890.

A piece of the ivory cover of the Evangelium Longum, engraved circa 890. It is considered one the library's book binding masterpieces.

SIXTUS (XYSTUS) III, forty-fourth Pope of Rome from 432 until his repose in 440. St. Sixtus maintained extensive correspondence with St. Augustine of Hippo (28th August), restored several basilicas in Rome, including Saint Peter’s and Saint John Lateran, and defended the Church against the heresies of Nestorianism and Pelagianism.

SPES, an Abbot of the Abbey of St. Eutychius (Abbazia Sant'Eutizio) in Campi, Umbria, Italy. St. Spes was blind for forty years, but fifteen days (or years, sources are fairly divided on this) before his repose circa 513, his eyesight was miraculously restored.

TUTILO, an Irishman who educated at the Abbey of St. Gall in Switzerland, and then received monastic tonsure there. St. Tutilo was a gifted musician and artist. There are ivory tablets attributed to the saint, which form the cover of the Evangelium Longum at St. Gall, and his paintings can be found Konstanz, Metz, Saint Gall, and Mainz. St. Tutilo reposed circa 915.

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10th April N.S.

BEDE the YOUNGER, a high-ranking courtier in the Court of King Charles the Bald (r. 843–877), who left the world and received monastic tonsure at a monastery in Gavello, approximately 60 km / 37 mi southwest of Venice. Several times St. Bede was offered a bishopric, and each time he refused. St. Bede reposed in 883.

BEOCCA, ETHOR, and COMPANIONS, the sack of England, and in particular the monasteries, by the Danes claimed many lives including SS. Hedda, Theodore and Companions (9th April). To the number of martyrs, we must add SS. Beocca, Abbot; Ethor, priest-monk; and some ninety monks at Chertsey in Surrey in 869.

MACARIUS of ANTIOCH, an Archbishop of Antioch who resigned his See, and following a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, set off to enlighten pagans in the west. He travelled north through Dalmatia and Bavaria, preaching the Gospel and earning a reputation as a wonderworker along the way. St. Macarius finally settled in Ghent in present-day Belgium at the Abbey of St. Bavo (Sint-Baafsabdij). Where he remained for the rest of his life, reposing in 1012.

MARTYRS of OSTIA, a group of criminals who were baptised by Pope St. Alexander I (3rd May) during his imprisonment. They were martyred by drowning after being taken to Ostia near Rome and put on board a boat which was then sunk at sea circa 115. Some sources list them as Martyrs of Rome.

PALLADIUS, an Abbot of the Abbey of St. Germanus of Auxerre (abbaye Saint-Germain d'Auxerre) in Burgundy (France), St. Palladius went on to serve as Bishop of Auxerre, and was the founder of several monasteries. He reposed in 661.

TERENCE, AFRICANUS, POMPEIUS, and COMPANIONS, a group of fifty Christians who in 250, during the Decian Persecution, were tortured by imprisonment with snakes and scorpions, before being martyred by beheading in Carthage, Africa Proconsularis.

Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox, and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said “The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies”.